At Barn Yard Fencing, you can expect professionalism, competence and quality every step of the way. We strive to make sure that you receive top value for all your fencing needs. Here's how we do it.

1. Determine your fencing needs and preferences. A fence is an important addition to your property, one that you will see and enjoy every day. Barn Yard Fencing can help you decide please call our office at 417-345-7332, and we can explain fencing choices.

We will schedule a convenient visit at your site. We will measure the area: review the land, including slopes, corners, outcroppings, trees or other interruptions in the fence, access for the installers and discuss all these issues with you.

2. We understand that you may need to complete your project in phases, and will incorporate your long term goals into the plan.

3. Choose materials carefully. Not all fence material is the same. There are different types of fence materials.  We will discuss with you the various materials that work well for your fence and help you make the best choice for your needs.

4. We will provide a lay-out showing the outer perimeter, gates, alleys etc.

5. Barn Yard Fencing will provide you with a written proposal detailing exactly what materials will be used, when the fence will be installed, how tall and how long it will be, and what additional work may be included, such as clearing the property line for installation, removing boulders or trees, specify the number of gates, post and board spacing, etc.

6. Installation. Upon acceptance of proposal, Barn Yard Fencing will coordinate the installation date of your fence to maximize your convenience.

7. Clients are welcome to furnish their own materials. If the materials are to be supplied by Barn Yard Fencing please understand they need to be paid for at the time of delivery.

8. Labor costs are due upon completion of job; please understand that large jobs may require a down payment.
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